Cylinder Energy-Saving Overflow Ball Mill


Introduction:A overflow ball mill with rolling bearings, high efficiency and energy saving

Capacity : Up to 160t/h

Improvement: 20-30%. Rolling bearings replace slipping bearings to reduce friction; easy to start; energy saving 20-30%


The transmission machinery of Energy-saving overflow ball mill substitutes large-scale double row self-aligning roller bearing for sliding bearing, so it is easy to start and saves energy by 20-30%.

Energy-saving overflow ball mill adopts groove-type circular lining plate that is instrumental in increasing contact areas of iron balls and ores, which enhances grinding action and ore lifting capacity and decreases energy consumption.

Energy-saving overflow ball mill is configured with bigger discharge opening and has huge processing capacity.

Energy-saving overflow ball mill adopts whole milling house, which makes construction and installation easy.

Energy-saving overflow ball mill is equipped with oil-mist lubrication device which guarantees smooth operation of gears.

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Technical Parameters: